Photo: ‘Red Moss’ by Sorin Mutu


Biomimicry is a field of knowledge and practice that takes inspiration from nature to find sustainable solutions. The root of the word originates from Greek bios (meaning life), and mimesis (meaning to imitate)A critical concept to design like nature is in ‘enabling life’ by creating conditions that are conducive to further life. This means that in the process of solving a particular task at hand, we create a way forward that gives, regenerates, enriches and supports living systems. Biomimicry not only seeks inspiration from nature, but also with nature as a mentor for sustainable and resilient living solutions and ideas.

Though the word biomimicry is predominantly used in our discussion here, we include strategies taken from biomimetics, bio-inspiration, circular design, biophilia etc. which are also satellites of biomimicry. Our transformation into a sustainable society involves finding ways to design with nature as an active stakeholder at our design tables, and this includes multi-disciplinary teams that include biologists and ecologists at the design table. 

Biomimicry as an approach is a wonderful journey into what we can learn from nature, and in the process we strengthen our relation and connection to the natural world. This is a vital element of creating a more sustainable, healthier and equitable world for all, humans and all species.

Come join the journey with us