Photo: ‘gloomy forest’ by gorchakov.artem


Nordic Biomimicry is a Nordic Knowledge Hub & Education Platform for Biomimicry co-founded by Anna Maria Orrù, Fredrik Moberg and Louise Hård af Segerstad in 2020. Established in Stockholm – Sweden, but in collaboration with other Nordic Partners in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, we bring together the knowledge, network and tools for Biomimicry, Biomimetics and Bio-inspired design that are based on nature, its life principles and solutions for sustainability. The hub is a connector between actors that are experts in the field and those that are interested to learn and apply this knowledge in the transformation towards a more sustainable society.

The intention of the hub is multi-fold:

  •     To introduce this field to different sectors 
  •     To introduce, design & plan diverse training and education programmes
  •     To reveal & connect actors in Sweden and in the Nordic region 
  •     To find new avenues for research

The platform grew out of the recommendations from the Nordic forerunners in Biomimicry report commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2018. The study recommended biomimicry to disseminate knowledge on how nature’s solutions provide environmental and competitive advantages for sustainable development. It also stressed a need form bringing together a comprehensive Nordic network to increase awareness, transfer knowledge and strengthen Scandinavian influence.


We look forward to hearing from you if you wish to participate or start learning. Please feel free to contact us