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We have gathered a treasure chest of our favourite resource links. Feel free to email us your favourites too.

Nordic Council of Ministers – Study and publication on Biomimicry

The publication, ‘Biomimicry in the Nordic Countries’, was published in 2018 and supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers Working Group for Sustainable Consumption and Production. It is a comprehensive study that highlight Nordic forerunners in Biomimicry and actors and activities in the field of biomimicry, biomimetics and biologically inspired design in Nordic countries today. The study is conducted by Torben Lenau, Lilli Linkola and Anna Maria Orrù.

Den Uppfinningsrika Planeten: Biomimikry och naturens lösningar på vår tids utmaningar

The publication, ‘The Inventive Planet: Biomimicry and nature’s solutions to the challenges of our time ‘, was published in April 2021 by Nature & Kultur. It is the first book in Swedish to be fully dedicated to Biomimicry in which the book’s author Fredrik Moberg, a biologist, aims to highlight the endless possibilities of Biomimicry.

Torben Lenau & Akhlesh Lakhtakia NEW BOOK ‘Biologically Inspired Design: a primer’ – Morgan & Claypool Publishers

Biologically Inspired Design: a primer by Torben A. Lenau, Akhlesh Lakhtakia (2021). The publication is an overview of biologically inspired design presented in simple terms for anyone. It is a collaborative publication between two bio-inspired educators. Torben A. Lenau located in Denmark (Denmark Technical University) and Akhlesh Lakhtakia in the United States (Pennsylvania State University).

Ask Nature

This is a comprehensive portal to nature’s knowledge. In 2008, the Biomimicry Institute in the United States, launched an online catalogue called AskNature which today contains a wealth of information from nature’s solutions to design challenges.

ZQ Zygote Quaterly

This is a rich and beautiful source of nature’s highlights, design ideas and nature thinking. ZQ is a digital magazine which publishes content in the Science & Nature categories. Their mission is to showcase the nexus of science and design in the field of biologically inspired design, using case studies, news and articles that are exemplary in their impact on the field, rigorous in their methodology, and relevant to today’s reader. They are a partner with Ask Nature.

Biomimicry Institute

The Biomimicry Institute, a non-profit organisation, brings together resources for adapting biomimicry. For example, they have designed a series of life principles to bring about a solution that is environmentally-led and sustainable and that can be used for different challenges. The institute is located in Montana (USA), and was founded in 2006 by biologist Janine Benyus and social entrepreneur Bryony Schwan. Check out their toolbox!


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