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TAPPING INTO NATURE - biomimicry as design agent

A sustainable future lies in the knowledge banks of nature’s elegant solutions taken from over 3.8 billion years of R&D, where nature has already found solutions to many of the challenges we are struggling with. In this two-day workshop, you will learn about biomimicry and practice applying it to solve a challenge by asking the question ‘what would nature do here?‘ and ‘how can nature be viewed as a valid stakeholder in the design process?‘

This workshop will offer: 

  • an introduction to the field of biomimicry and an opportunity to practice in applying it;
  • new perspectives and the ability to arrive at innovative solutions to achieving sustainability, where the ‘ecological solution’ is intricately tied to nature’s modes of sustainability;
  • a systems perspective, both at the micro and macro levels, through which to view design challenges in order to achieve sustainable solutions dealing with our increasingly turbulent and complex world.

 Skills gained in this workshop

Participants will:

  • develop a new way to view, value and interact with nature
  • learn how to apply these skills in a design thinking model for sustainable solutions
  • learn how to cultivate an ability to function in multi-disciplinary teams by using resources and values from biology and the life sciences
  • understand nature’s own design principles and learn to navigate through the uncertain situations of the current climate emergency we are in
  • learn and practice applying biomimicry to help solve your own challenges and help achieve sustainable innovation
  • look to nature for inspiration to understand how a variety of species interact in their inherent ecosystem, and how to translate these values into sustainable solutions
  • develop knowledge about the contemporary discourse surrounding biomimicry, biomimetics and bio-inspired design

Creating your learning team
Please contact us to reserve your place. We work with you and other participants to construct the best learning experience together. Therefore, using your ‘motivation statement’, we will create a participating team that can work well together based on your interests and backgrounds. If we get more applications than spots available, we will make a reserve list and prepare to offer another course opportunity. We keep our courses to a small size that gives participants the best learning environment possible.

Date of workshop
Please contact us if you are interested. We are determining whether a weekend or weekday workshop works best for your needs. We envision a workshop in the first week of February 2022. So let us know your preference.


16 participants

February (first week), 2022 (exact date to be determined based on weekend or weekday requests & on-site)

Stockholm. Sweden

7,800kr + VAT (professionals) / student discount available  (include catering)

Team of experts: (4)
Anna Maria Orrù
Fredrik Moberg
Louise Hård af Segerstad

Swedish and English experts running the course. Options for tutoring in all languages.