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TAPPING INTO NATURE - An introduction to biomimicry as Symbiosis

A sustainable future lies in the knowledge banks of nature’s elegant solutions taken from over 3.8 billion years of R&D, where nature has already found solutions to many of the challenges we are struggling with. Due to current continuing circumstances, we are INSTEAD offering a SHORTER open to the public biomimicry session. You will learn about biomimicry and practice applying it to solve a challenge by asking the question ‘what would nature do here?‘ and ‘how can nature be viewed as a valid stakeholder in the design process?‘

This is a special edition of the biomimicry course which will work in collaboration with the NEW exhibition at Färgfabriken on the topic of ‘Symbiosis‘.

Due to current continuing circumstances, we are offering an open to the public biomimicry session. Come join us for two inspirational lectures from Anna Maria Orrù and Fredrik Moberg and a ‘try out’ workshop with all of us. We will also be streaming online.


This workshop will offer: 

  • a brief introduction to the field of biomimicry and an opportunity to practice in applying it;


Creating your learning team
Please contact us to RSVP so we know how many can be present in the space. Thank you

open to the public for participation

August 31, 15-17:00, 2021 (on-site)

Färgfabriken, Stockholm. Sweden

free & open to the public. Please RSVP

Team of experts: (3)
Anna Maria Orrù
Fredrik Moberg
Sarah Gregersen

Swedish, Danish and English